Angela & Nicolas

Angela & Nicolas

Belief Wedding Planners shared this lovely, award winning wedding by Wedding Planner Joyce Mnguni. This beautiful love story takes place in Riviera Maya, Mexico. We hope you are inspired by it as much as we were. Enjoy!

Angela is originally from LA and Nicolas is from Uruguay. Both are now living in Hong Kong. Joyce shared a few key details with us about what made this wedding so unique and deserving of a Belief Award.

About the wedding concept: Even though it was a beach reception, the couple wanted to keep a clean look. with lots of lighting, it had candles everywhere. With flowers, we’ve soften colors with a dash of fuschia pop color.

Challenges for this wedding: Transporting 100 guests to the ceremony venue, then moving them again to the reception and the back to their different resorts.

Was there anything special about this wedding? Yes, the couple traveled on a Vintage car Packard 41. We had a second ceremony during the reception which was a Korean Ceremony. Guests received flip flops to dance the night away. They had mini Don Julio as wedding favors.



Wedding Details

Photography: Jaime Glez Photography

Marcos Candle boutique:

Musicians (Saxophonist, DJ, and live band  from Shine Band

Flowers & Decor:

Wedding cake: Sonia at

Vintage car:



Guests Transportation:

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