Bow Ties: Distinguished and Enduring

Bow Ties: Distinguished and Enduring

This is one part of your wardrobe that has perpetual staying power.

Bow ties have persevered and remained stylish since they originated in the 17th century when Croatian mercenaries wore them during the Prussian wars.

Being that bow ties are still worn today is a major accomplishment in the fashion industry considering there are countless fads that are here for a short time and then gone forever. Have you seen any gaucho pants or velour shirts lately?

If you choose to wear this classic piece then you definitely need to abide by some bow tie etiquette. There is no way to subtly wear a bow tie so be sure yours makes the right fashion statement.

Sure, you may stray from the usual patterns of plaids, solids and stripes but tread lightly. You will seem eccentric enough just by showing up wearing a bow tie. You do not want to confirm the belief by donning one depicting hot chili peppers or flashing lights.

Since the bow tie remains well established as a part of a discerning man’s wardrobe, several apparel companies offer unique and personalized designs. If you want to stray from the conventional patterns, make sure whatever you choose stays true to the tradition that is the bow tie. KISS is the right most appropriate option here. If you want a pop of colour go with a pale coral instead of neon green. You could try a lighter colour base with darker polka dots. If you really want to add a graphic, perhaps to convey your love of golf, try selecting golf tees but keep them small and not so bright that they take away from the bow tie itself.

Bow tie wearers are part of an exclusive fraternity so make sure to honour the tradition rather than bucking it.

Ignore pre-tied and clip-ons. Any self respecting man will tie his own bow tie. You can learn the art here: Always go for a tight knot and leave it alone. Bow ties do not look cool when loosened like regular ties do.

When wearing your bow tie always behave like a gentleman. There are no exceptions. They also suggest a level of intelligence about you. Try not to ruin the facade by starting a conversation with a knock knock joke. I’m just sayin’.

If you do opt to add the never antiquated and always distinguished bow tie to your ensemble, get ready to get noticed. Believe me, you will.

By: Pauline Milner, Freelance Writer

Bow Ties: Mo’s Bows by Moziah Bridges

Photography: Annabella Charles Photography

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