Deciphering Wedding Anniversary Symbols (Infographic)

Deciphering Wedding Anniversary Symbols (Infographic)

Gifts to acknowledge your wedding anniversary can be a tricky business. For some people they are a token gift, for others, they can be a grander affair. Whatever your choice, being aware of the symbols that have come to symbolize the particular year of marriage you are celebrating should help.

There is both a traditional list of anniversary symbols as well as a modern version. They can vary slightly and some represent extravagant items such as diamonds, gold jewelry, and crystals, while others are much more mundane such as electrical appliances, tin, and paper.

For an illustrated look at wedding anniversary symbols for the first 15 years of marriage, see the below infographic created by Loyes Diamonds or view their more detailed guide which covers wedding anniversary symbols all the way up to a couple’s 75th wedding anniversary.


Infographic courtesy of Loyes Diamonds

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