FINALE: Refreshing New Wedding Traditions Part 5

FINALE: Refreshing New Wedding Traditions Part 5

It’s the finale of our Refreshing New Wedding traditions series. Here’s a recap of what you missed – PART 1: wedding themes and invitations, PART 2: hosting guests, wedding attire, florals and cake, PART 3: transportation and the ceremony, PART 4: wedding photos after the ceremony and entertaining guests at the reception. Now in this 5th and final installment of the series, we’re wrapping it up with getting your guests in on the wedding photos, your first dance, wedding favours and your big departure. BONUS TIP: The one thing you need to do to know if your fiance is the one for you.

Ask your Master of Ceremonies to request that your guests take photos throughout the reception and dance. Provide business sized cards on the tables with an email address, asking your guests to forward all of their photos. Some of the best photos from wedding receptions are those that are spontaneous.

For your first dance together, you could start out with a sappy waltz and morph into a dance routine that will have your guests cheering on their feet. If possible, involving the wedding party is a great idea and one your guests will not be expecting.

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Guest wedding favours allow for many creative choices. If it is the right time of year for planting, saplings and seed packets are a way to keep your wedding ‘green’. Guests will also love a magazine depicting your lives up to this day, a book of your favourite recipes or a CD of music you both enjoy.


When the time comes for the married couple to depart, sparklers and bubbles are a great substitute for confetti (which many venues no longer allow) and rice (which is actually not good for birds at all).

Always remember, above all else, this is your day together. There are no do’s and don’ts. Make your own etiquette and make no apologies.

If anyone has issues, the issues are theirs, not yours. There is also no reason why even those people who intensely dislike one another cannot get along for your sake for a few hours.

One important piece of advice is, the more advice you ask for, the more advice you are going to get which may lead to the proverbial ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’ scenario.

Not yet engaged? Wondering if you significant other is ‘the one’? The next time they get mad at you, toss a cape over their shoulders and say, ‘There, now you are super mad!’. If they laugh, you have found your future spouse!

For those of you already embarking towards this institution we call marriage, always kiss your spouse goodnight and never go to bed mad.

We hope you enjoyed the series. Hopefully, you are able to incorporate some of these suggestions into your momentous day. Perhaps they have inspired you to create your own ways to celebrate your union. Please feel free to share any new wedding traditions you plan to use.

By: Pauline Milner, Freelance Writer

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