Get beautified for the big day

Get beautified for the big day

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. You obviously want to look your best – supermodel-camera-ready-gorgeous. That’s why it’s a smart move to space out your various beauty treatments before the big day.

Kelly Kenselaar is the owner of One Spa Retreat Montreal. As an experienced aesthetician, she knows exactly what brides should and shouldn’t do before exchanging vows. “About three to four weeks before the wedding I would recommend getting a facial, then depending on the type of skin they have I would also recommend a face mask that they can do themselves two weeks and then again one week before the wedding,” she recommended.

She is also adamant about a bride not doing anything to her face or skin less than a week before her wedding day. “She is already under stress and the facial could cause an unexpected reaction like breaking out, redness, or dry patches,” explained Kenselaar.

Someone who knows this firsthand is newlywed Catherine Kan-McCullough. Having popped a blemish on her skin before the wedding day, she was faced with an unsightly spot on her nose. “Don’t pop a zit, pimple, blackhead, or whitehead – it’s much harder to cover up a giant red hole on your nose than it is to cover up a blemish with makeup,” cautioned Kan-McCullough.

As a bride you’re going to be on your feet for the better part of your day, not to mention your hands will be on constant display with carrying your bouquet and such. A spa manicure and pedicure includes callous removal, nail-shaping, cuticle repair, an exfoliation of the lower legs, feet, forearms and hands, as well as a massage and polish of her choice. The mani and pedi can be done the week of the wedding. “For a longer-lasting manicure the bride can also opt to have a gel polish put on, guaranteeing her mani won’t chip,” explained Kenselaar.

She also mentioned that before the wedding day, the bride can undergo a detoxifying foot mask for her feet and a paraffin treatment for her hands for extra moisturizing and to keep her skin looking supple.

“I had the pedi done right before the wedding by my usual pedicurist,” said Kan-McCullough. She wanted to make sure her manicure was fresh too, so she had that done the day before the wedding.

As for your hair, Kenselaar suggested having an aromatherapy scalp treatment, which will nourish and leave your hair super lustrous. “If she wants to refresh her colour she can either get a full colour application, highlights, or just a glaze done a week before the wedding,” she added.

To top off the beautifying, indulge in a deep tissue massage. You’re stressed from planning the wedding and, after all, you’re the bride: you deserve it!


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