How to avoid a Bridal Meltdown

How to avoid a Bridal Meltdown

What is a Bridal Meltdown? For brides- to-be who have not experienced this fiery of emotions…. it’s coming.

It is a time when most brides reach a pinnacle in their wedding planning where they speculate everything seems to be falling apart. They might experience a series of mini outbursts or one full blown moment of rage, where she cries out at the top of her lungs “I feel like calling off the whole wedding”. This major breakdown can be triggered by something as simple as not having the correct colour of napkins for the place setting or realizing she has gone way over her wedding budget. Unfortunately, it is usually the first person she is in communication with who receives the brunt of this pent-up frustration.

Planning a wedding should not be a self effort but a team effort by everyone connected to the wedding. Brides sometimes forget that their wedding day is not all about them and alienate those around them.

Before you proceed any further with your wedding preparation, you may need to ask yourself these questions:

Who are you really creating this seemingly flawless event for? Is it for you and your husband or are you trying to out do a bride who recently was wed?. Are you planning to exceed the expectation of family and friends for fear of criticism?. Hmmm….think about it!. Concentrating on these circumstances can be an added stress as well.

Below are some ways to minimize the potential of a bridal meltdown from happening to you:

Utilize your bridal party: Don’t be afraid to lean on those within your bridal party, especially your maid of honour. You choose these beautiful ladies to be part your bridal party for a reason, because you care for them and they have meaning in your life. And you know what? They feel the same about you! They are willing to assist in any capacity in which you may ask. The more people around to share in the excitement of planning the big day, the less of a burden will be placed on yourself.

Network with past brides: Ask past brides to share their wedding experiences with you and learn from their mistakes. Find out: how they planned their wedding, what worked for them and what didn’t, what they would do again and what they would dare not do.

Enlist someone to coordinate all activities on the Day Of: If you can’t afford to hire a wedding planner or wedding coordinator, you should consider having someone designated to coordinate for the day, outside of the bridal party, such as a friend or family member which you trust. This ensures everything runs smoothly and on schedule. You should be as stress free as possible on that day. Your only concern should be looking beautiful and having comfortable, gorgeous shoes!

Hey wait a minute, what about the Groom? Sometimes brides temporarily forget he exists. She is so inundated with the wedding planning she does not include him. Make him part of the planning process. His opinion should matter the most so include him, especially on big ticket purchases. Remember, he’s getting married too.

Keep Calm and Hire a Coach: A coach can be that ear when no one else is listening to you. They can provide advice on issues such as how to deal with conflicts with family members, friends and having much-needed serious conversations with your husband-to-be. Sometimes it is nice to have a person who is not directly involved in the wedding to provide practical insight on how to proceed without a lot of drama.

I hope these few tips will be useful in your wedding preparation going forward. Best wishes to all brides-to-be and may your wedding planning be “effortless”.

Debra Nurse is a Personal Development Coach – Founder of Women, Influence & Purpose (WIP). Her mission is to help women towards their Purpose, then strive for it”.

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