Long Beautiful Hair: Tips & Tricks

Long Beautiful Hair: Tips & Tricks

What bride doesn’t imagine having long, storybook-like locks for her Big Day? She spends oodles of money on the venue, catering, and her gown, so why would she be stingy when it comes to her hair budget? For just a few hundred dollars, a bride can transform her short, thin ‘do into a head of luscious hair that cascades, is swept up, or anything in-between.

“You’re getting married so what is an extra?” said Laurie Brown, Manager and Professional Hair Stylist at Order Quality Wigs Inc. (www.OrderQualityWigs.com) –better known as Perruques de Qualité Inc.– Her company specializes in Hair Extensions and Wigs with few locations in Québec and Florida. “You went all out on your makeup and your dress, so why wouldn’t you invest in your hair? It’s one of the first things people look at – the gown and then the hair.”

Made out of a wide range of materials and available for a variety of uses (wear them for a few weeks or a few years), extensions and wigs can be cut, dyed, and styled just like real hair, only you don’t have to keep the ‘do forever.



One of the most popular options for brides-to-be, Extensions can add instant length and body to hair.
“Why would you want to get married with the way your hair the way it looks every day?”Brown asked.
Brides should look for a company that has experience in hair extensions and can offer everything associated with their styling and maintenance.

“We have stylists who can do all of the up-dos, the dying, the cutting, and we even have makeup artists. I’ve seen some really bad extensions where there’s no integration, and that’s a keyword in extensions.If you don’t know how to integrate the extensions the hair will look like a mullet. You get what you pay for.”

Brides who want extensions need to consider two things: budget and necessity. “Clip-ins are fast, fun, and you can do whatever you want with them,” Brown explained. “They’re perfect for a wedding because at the end of the night you can take them out, wash them and then reuse them another time.” All of Brown’s hair extensions are made from 100% Real Natural Hair and semi-permanent ones will cost around $120-250.

“Some brides want to keep them in and have long hair for a longer period, so I would suggest permanent extensions,” she said. These are extensions that are sewn into the woman’s hair through braiding or tubing methods.“We have different ways of doing it, but we always use the method that is the least damaging to the existing hair, which is very important.” Permanent extensions start at $300 and, depending on how quickly the person’s hair grows; they can usually get an average of about two months worth of use out of them.


Wigs, like their Extension counterparts, also come in an array of materials, from synthetic to 100% Real Natural Hair Wigs made from virgin Russian hair (yep – you read that right!). “It’s never been processed, doesn’t tangle, stays soft, you can wash it, dye it, bleach it – it’s exactly like our own hair because it has never been processed,” Brown said. These are the highest-end wigs on the market because of their “purity.”

Wigs that come in raw form are ideal because anything can be done to them. They’re perfect for brides who have scalp/hair conditions or extremely short hair (where extensions won’t work). “I’ve had older women who are getting remarried and go for a wig because their hair is very short – we have wigs that glue to the top of the forehead so it doesn’t touch your hair and you can do anything with them – even style a wig in a total up-do.”

A handmade synthetic wig, which is versatile and lasts several months, can cost anywhere from $200-400; human hair versions have a price tag of $450-700, depending on length and the work that is needed on the hair; the aforementioned “Russian” virgin hair wigs start at $1,200 and can be (much) higher. “We offer Russian wigs at a cost that is the same as the wholesale pricing in New York,” Brown said!

Bridal hair is an important detail, and one that shouldn’t be overlooked. The incredible look created by way of extensions and wigs, either flowing in long loose curls or piled high in a styled coif, can truly make a bride feel like the princess that she is on her wedding day. With so many options and price points, brides-to-be can completely transform themselves with a fancy ‘do for the big “I dos.”

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