Organising Your Dream Destination Wedding [Infographic]

Organising Your Dream Destination Wedding [Infographic]

Did you know that destination weddings now account for almost a quarter of the entire weddings market? This indicates that more and more people are deciding to tie the knot in a foreign country, no doubt lured abroad by the incredibly romantic nature of getting married amid a tranquil paradise or stunning scenic backdrop.

Bespoke Diamonds (, a wedding ring search website based in Ireland, produced this adorable infographic on destination weddings, outlining why they have become such a popular choice. Contrary to what some believe, they are actually far cheaper to organize than a domestic wedding, while they also give you the opportunity to extend the celebrations for you and your guests across a full week instead of only a couple of days.

The creators of the infographic also suggest a number of ideal locations for destination weddings, including the sun-kissed Cyprus and Fiji, or cultural Croatia and Italy. There are also tips on how best to organize a destination wedding so that when the big day comes around, all of the effort will have been more than worth it.

If a destination wedding sounds appealing to you, check out the infographic below for an informative guide to making a decision.


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