Ossiano’s Dining Experience

Ossiano’s Dining Experience

If you’ve picked up a copy of our 2017 issue, you may have noticed a classy and chic venue on the cover and also in our Glamourized Empire style shoot. Ossiano is one of our top featured venues for your wedding reception and a hidden gem in the west side of Montreal in the town of Kirkland.

This restaurant will provide an an unforgettable dining experience for you and your guests as you are transported to a world of Iberian and Mediterranean cuisine. With a refined approach to private dining and elegant sophisticated surroundings, your event is going to be unforgettable and not mention stress-free as the Ossiano team will help you plan a wonderful experience for your big day.

Every part of Ossiano from the decor to the food, the staff and the quality of service is a vision and passion of founder Maurice Chbat who has always had a flair for hosting and entertaining large crowds.

Maurice Chbat, Founder, Ossiano

Maurice began his career in corporate catering upon arriving in Canada from Lebanon. He spent 11 years as a General Manager at a bar and restaurant and it was during this time that he cultivated his desire to realize his unique outlook and dream—a place where people can enjoy fine dining, surrounded by an exceptional ambiance known as Ossiano.

Tino Teixeira travelled extensively throughout Europe, refining his knowledge about wine and returned to his hometown of Montreal as a Sommelier. Tino brings 30 years of experience in some of Montreal’s finest restaurants as well as his passion for wine and food pairing to Ossiano.

Although her career began as a nurse, Ossiano pastry chef Hazel Paginado had a fascination with the culinary arts from a young age. In 2012, she took the plunge, said goodbye to her hospital life and studied traditional French pastry at Montreal’s Pearson School of Culinary Arts. She documented her entire journey and transition from nurse to pastry chef on her blog, ‘From Stethoscope to Rolling Pin’. Hazel also shares little bites and slivers of her simple food-filled life on her food photography blog, ‘From Rolling Pin to Prime Lense.’

From its opulent yet inviting ambiance, dishes served with the finest of ingredients artistically plated to perfection, and service beyond compare, Ossiano is the new must experience restaurant in the West Island.

You can find Ossiano at 16977, Rte Trans-Canada, Kirkland, QC, H9H 5J1 Canada | 514.739.4000

Also, follow them on Instagram at @OssianoMTL

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