Refreshing New Wedding Traditions Part 1

Refreshing New Wedding Traditions Part 1

You’re engaged! Congratulations! Both of your lives are going to get better as each day dawns. Getting hitched. Tying the knot. Taking the plunge. It does not matter which way you say it because each of those phrases signal one thing – you have some intricate planning ahead, and lots of it! Consulting any of the hundreds, probably even thousands, of websites and books available will all list the steps to planning a wedding, whether you decide to elope or throw the bash of the century. You can procure every detail from how to choose a date all the way down to the last song at the dance and everything in between.

While every aspect of planning a wedding has its’ own level of importance, your wedding is an opportunity to shake things up a little. Your guests will all be expecting to receive an invitation, attend a beautiful ceremony, indulge in a great meal followed by dancing and return home exhausted but filled with happy memories of your day and, perhaps, reminders of the day they married their spouse.

You may want to consider delighting your guests by introducing new traditions reflecting your own personal styles that yield warm memories cultivated on your wedding day.

Explore these innovative ideas as fundamentals that you can build on to have the wedding day you want, not the one that history says you should.

Engagement Photo: A picture of you both holding hands and walking away from the camera down a road surrounded by trees with the caption ‘We have chosen to walk the path of life together’ with an inset of a forward facing pose, especially in black and white, is a beautiful keepsake.


If you live near a beach, a picture of you kissing each other at sunset will provide a stunning silhouette. If your photographer is able to catch the right angle, you may be able to get the sun’s rays to shine through both of you where your lips meet, captioned by ‘Sharing all future sunsets together’.

Theme: You may agree on an overall theme for your wedding or each element can be different. For example, if you are both passionate about travel, music, sports or reading, you can use your mutual interest as the encompassing theme and have the features of your wedding all associated with that topic.

Wedding Details and Updates: There are plenty of free websites available that are super easy to set up and maintain. You should take advantage of this option to provide a web address where your wedding participants and guests may go to get details and updates about your day. It is a good choice to employ someone other than yourselves to update the site on a regular basis because you both are going to be busy with the actual planning and this is one area that can easily, but not intentionally, become neglected. Schedule a once a week phone call or email to provide the updates for the site.

Save the Date Announcements: Print your names, wedding date and web address on personalized balloons. Attach each balloon with tape to a piece of card stock that reads ‘Please inflate and save the date’.

via White Knot
via White Knot

Design a crossword puzzle with clues, the answers to which will reveal your wedding date and any other particulars you are ready to announce. If you have few details finalized, you can have fun clues about yourselves to complete the puzzle. An answer key can be available on your website.

Invitations: While paper invitations have somewhat given way to the digital age, your guests will appreciate receiving their invite to your wedding via post. As with ‘thank you’ notes, engaging snail mail is still welcomed by the majority of people, especially since mailing letters and holiday cards has mostly been replaced by electronic communications.

You may want to stray from the conventional paper invitations by making them fun and different for the recipients.

Design an invitation that requires 3D glasses to read.

via Meraki Magazine Blog
via Meraki Magazine Blog

Model your invitations after children’s ‘lift the flap’ books. Fold up pictures of the ceremony and reception venues to reveal further details such as the address. Lift a photo of your rings to find the ceremony time or a picture of a CD for dance information.

Invitations can be printed on paper that contains seeds for growing that can be planted later.

By: Pauline Milner, Freelance Writer

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