Refreshing New Wedding Traditions Part 2

Refreshing New Wedding Traditions Part 2

Here is another great round-up of new wedding traditions for your big day. In part 1 of this series, we covered some great ideas for your wedding photos, wedding themes, ‘save-the-date’ announcements and invitations, this month we’re looking at new things we can do for out of town guests, your wedding attire, floral’s and the sweetest part of your day, the cake!


Out of Town Guests: Provide ‘Welcome To Our Wedding’ gift bags for those guests that have traveled from a distance away.

Enclosures may include area maps, local restaurants, pizza take outs, coupons for area attractions, local contact information if they have questions, sewing kit and chap stick (hotel air is notoriously dry).

If children are among your guests, you can provide ‘kid friendly’ bags for them containing a book, furry friend, activity kit and a sweet treat. These can be left in their hotel room and made available at the reception to keep them entertained.

Wedding Attire: Wearing matching sneakers with tuxedos is a super way to add some fun to your wedding wardrobe choice.

Bowties are always in style and there are endless designs available from the classic to the whimsical.

Opting for a non-white wedding dress is acceptable. Feel free to throw current styles out the window if you so desire. This is the one day when couples will be beautiful and handsome no matter what attire they choose.


Flowers: Beautiful blooms are integral to every wedding. Including at least some fresh flowers is a must. Arrangements can be allotted to be taken home by guests or you are sure to find a hospital or seniors residence that would love to add some colour and fragrance to a patient’s or resident’s room or to a common area.

You may choose to have the fresh arrangements decorating the ceremony space, moved to the reception after the service.

There are endless flower choices but here are a few you may want to consider.

  • Calla Lilies are depicted in many Art Noveau/Art Deco works. The most popular wedding bloom colours are creamy ivory and dark purple.
  • Tulips are a sign of consuming love and happy years with a huge rainbow of colour choices available.
  • Sweet Peas originated in Sicily and later became very popular in England. They symbolize lasting pleasure.
  • Hydrangeas are large blossoms and come in intense shades of blue, burgundy and purple.
  • Carnations come in many colours and last upwards of two weeks. They dry well, are a great option as a lapel flower and are beautifully fragrant.
  • Lily’s of the Valley, though a very popular wedding flower, are very expensive, even when they are in season.

If you wish to incorporate flowers into pew markers and centerpieces that will serve as keepsakes, using dried or silk flowers is acceptable.

Wedding Cake: Fresh flowers and greenery, especially ivy vines, make for an elegant cake topper.

Deciding to go with a comical cake topper is a way to add a bit of amusement to your day. You can have bobble heads made of your own likenesses. There are also plenty of famous duos that may represent your partnership. Bogart and Bacall, Tom and Jerry, Jack and Jill and Popeye and Olive Oyl are a few suggestions to get your started.

It is customary to freeze the top layer of your wedding cake to be consumed on your first anniversary. After you both do the popular cutting of the cake and feed each other a piece, or decorate your spouse’s face with frosting, whatever the case may be, oftentimes the wedding cake is not even consumed. Guests are usually served the same cake cut from slabs in the kitchen.

Bakers can easily make the bottom layers of your cake a facade; Essentially decorated cardboard. Two pieces from the slabs can be left on your cake table for you and your spouse to enjoy together.

By: Pauline Milner, Freelance Writer

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