Refreshing New Wedding Traditions Part 3

Refreshing New Wedding Traditions Part 3

It’s about that time again! Over the past couple months, we’ve been sharing about some new wedding traditions for your big day. In part 1 we you’ll find ideas for wedding photos, wedding themes, ‘save-the-date’ announcements and invitations, part 2 covered some new things you can do for out of town guests, your wedding attire, floral’s and cake. Now let’s review options for your transportation and some cool things you can do for your ceremony.

Transportation: Limousines have long been the most popular mode of transport for the wedding party. Depending on your location, the time of year and whether you are electing for a formal or casual day, you can explore other available methods.

A horse and buggy can transport the wedding party using horses and a cart with bundles of hay covered in horse blankets for seats.


Local antique car clubs may be willing to hire out their vintage autos, though the owners would likely request to be the chauffeurs.

A party bus can accommodate the entire wedding party.

Some cities may have double Decker buses or trolley cars available for rent.

Depending on the amount of out of town guests and where they are staying, a shuttle may be provided by or hired from the hotel to get them to the day’s events. City buses and town cars are often available for rent, charging hourly and daily rates.

Ceremony: At the conclusion of your vows, you may choose to read a poem to each other. If you do not wish to pen original poems, there are a multitude of choices available on the Internet or use a favourite from a relative. If either of your parents kept love letters from their early romance, a surprise reading will have everyone pulling out a tissue.

When either or both of you have children from a previous relationship, including them in your ceremony is a way to make them feel officially welcome in your new union. The Officiant could bless you as a family unit while you are all holding hands. You may also want to present children with a special gift to commemorate the occasion such as a ring, necklace, chain or watch engraved with an endearing sentiment.

This video shows a proposal, instead of a ceremony, but you will love how the groom-to-be included the daughter of his bride-to-be.

If you really want something different, you may reveal to each other tattoos you have each gotten in honour of the other and their marriage. This is not the time to get kinky or show risqué body parts!

Getting down the aisle to the altar is one way to really make your ceremony memorable with numerous options available.

If you want to set a fun mood for the day, dance down the aisle to a favourite song or walk in backwards. For this generation, anything goes!

When young children are included in the wedding party, leaving a special treat where they will be sitting is a great way to entice them to go to the correct spot.

Ceremony music is a very personal choice. This truly is a time when you need to work together.

If you are seeking live performers, local universities with music programs are excellent sources for soloists and instrument players. You may also inquire about local choirs.

Be sure to ascertain what music can be accommodated at your ceremony venue. If you need to rent audio equipment it can be costly, especially if a dedicated person from the rental company is required for set up and tear down.

Before you settle on Wagner’s ‘Wedding March’ from the 3rd act of ‘Lohengrin’, you will want to read the synopsis of that opera. You will almost certainly change your mind about using this piece for your processional.

Clarke’s ‘Trumpet Voluntary’ (Prince of Denmark’s March) is a much more fitting piece for the professional music and yes, if played live, you do require a trumpeter.

Consider allowing your guests to choose to sit on whichever side they wish. Remember to mark the appropriate number of rows as ‘reserved’ for the wedding party and designated guests.


Memorial candles lit by chosen guests in memory of those dear to you that are not present is a perfect way to include them in your special day.

Some couples choose to light a candle together at the altar to signify their union, but you can also each pour a vase filled with sand in your favourite colour together into a larger vase as a keepsake.

You could each wear identical chains and have a heart pendant made that has an ‘S’ crease in the center. After your vows, you can snap the heart in two and each put a half pendant on your chains. The back can be engraved with ‘When we are together our heart is one’. This is true both figuratively and literally and an eternal reminder for you both.

Have you thought of refreshing new traditions for your wedding? We would love to hear it! Comment with your new tradition below and you could be featured.

By: Pauline Milner, Freelance Writer

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