Refreshing New Wedding Traditions Part 4

Refreshing New Wedding Traditions Part 4

We know you’re excited to jump into part 4 of this amazing series on Refreshing New Wedding Traditions, but if you’re joining us for the first time, you’ll want to get caught up on ideas for wedding themes and invitations in part 1; hosting guests, wedding attire, florals and cake in part 2; transportation and the ceremony is covered in part 3 and today we’re sharing even more photo ideas for after the ceremony and entertaining guests at the reception while they wait for you and your love to arrive.

Formal Photographs: Unconventional locations for your formal wedding photos provide many places that will produce elegant photographic memories.

Historical homes with steps leading up to a covered veranda and pillars, perhaps even with a stone fireplace in the parlour, will give you many different poses.

Art galleries sometimes have paintings that are large enough to provide a unique backdrop.

Universities have buildings with varied architecture that may be suitable for multi level shots.

For a Christmas wedding, cities and local businesses often have elaborate trees and decorating that would make for a bright, festive setting for wedding photographs.

Photo: Blest Studios
Photo: Blest Studios

Be sure your photographer has a detailed list of the photos and subjects that you want. This is your one time chance and you should not have to worry about getting your favourite poses. The list will also make the photography session go quickly so you can get back to the celebration and your waiting guests.

Reception/Dance: Receiving lines held at the beginning of the reception take a lot of time and your guests have already been waiting for you to return from the photos. You and your spouse could, instead, hand out the pieces of wedding cake yourselves. This will insure that you get a few moments with each guest and other guests do not have to stand in a long line up.

Most every venue will have a few rules that guests need to be aware of. Using some humor in posted signage will surely get some smiles. For example, A sign with a directional arrow reading ‘If you need to smoke, move your butt over here’ or, posted beside where local cabs will be waiting at the end of the evening, a sign that reads ‘You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.’.

While waiting for the wedding party to arrive, guests are used to having a drink and hors d’oeurves.


On arrival, provide a blank framed canvas large enough to allow for each guest to add their personal words for the union. A selection of colourful markers will make this an endearing piece of art and a constant reminder of the day you were married.

You can keep them from glancing at their watches by providing some games to keep them entertained.

Giant Tic Tac Toe and Jenga are fun along with a classic game of washers. You can even use duct tape on the floor and let them all revisit their childhood’s with a game of hopscotch.

A photo booth with props will make for some hilarious photos.

A beautifully decorated archway is a nice touch. Many times weddings are one of the rare times families are all dressed up together and this can be their opportunity to take some great photos.

Wedding Inspiration Mirror, Mirror

If you are not providing an open bar, something that is unnecessary and beyond a lot of current budgets, you could provide each guest with one drink ticket to be handed out as they arrive. Personalized bottles of wine provided for each table can be economical, just be sure to check the liquor regulations and requirements at your venue. A signature cocktail made especially for your wedding is a nice touch, just be sure to offer an alcoholic and virgin option.

Stay tuned next month for our 5th and final piece in the Refreshing New Wedding Traditions series. We’re going to share ideas on feeding your guests, your first dance, wedding favours and making your grand departure.

By: Pauline Milner, Freelance Writer

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