Submit a Love Story: FAQ’s

Q: How do I submit an engagement/bridal shower/wedding/anniversary feature to Bride & Groom Canada?

A: Please refer to this page for how to submit a love story.

Q: Who can submit an engagement/bridal shower/wedding/anniversaryto be featured by Bride & Groom Canada?

A: We welcome love stories from couples, photographers, wedding planners, florists, etc. Please note that permission must be received from the couple, photographer and any other professionals associated with the wedding.

Q: Can I submit an engagement/bridal shower/wedding/anniversary
even if it has already been featured elsewhere?

A: Bride & Groom Canada prefers to feature love stories that have not been previously featured in other publications online or in print. However, we are open to featuring weddings on our website that have been showcased previously. If you are submitting a wedding for our print magazine, we do insist that on being the first to feature the love story (with exception to the photographer).

Q: What kind of images should I send?

A: Brides generally love to see unique details that make a wedding special and stand out. Definitely include pictures of the cake, bouquets, favours, hairstyles, shoes, accessories, décor for the ceremony location and the reception; basically everything that would showcase the beauty of the wedding. You may also refer to the submission form for a general list of ideas.

Q: How many images can I send?

A: You can send us between 10 to 50 pictures. If we require more images we will contact you.

Q: Will the wedding I submit be in the print magazine?

A: Bride & Groom Canada features several love stories in our annual print magazine. If we decide to choose your submitted wedding, we will notify you.

Q: Are the wedding vendors credited?

A: Yes. Bride & Groom Canada will credit the wedding vendors (photographers, wedding planners, caterers, venues, etc.) and include their websites as long as this information is submitted along with the pictures and form.