Toting Tykes

Toting Tykes

The tradition has always been that flowergirls make their way down the aisle scattering petals while little ringbearers in mini suits proudly display the rings for their walk, but what if you’re looking for something a bit more unique? While these are classic ideas for the kids’ roles, why not switch things up?

In one feature we talk about a couple who had seven flowergirls and ringbearers at their wedding (the bride and groom had loads of nieces and nephews), so instead of divvying up who would toss petals and who would carry the rings, they asked all the kiddies to blow bubbles as they walked down the aisle instead.

Here are some other fun ways to make the tykes at your wedding stand out:

For the little ladies…

Girls love flowy, pretty things, so arm them with a ribbon wand and have them “swirl” away as they take to the aisle. Instead of baskets of flower petals they could carry flower balls, or for a whimsical touch, they could hold a small bunch of pastel balloons that match the accent colour of the bridesmaid dresses.

If the flowergirl is a bit older, have her hand out beautiful individual flowers to guests as she walks down the aisle.

For the gents…

I’ve seen a lot of adorable variations to having ringbearers carry the bling on a pillow… little boys have been given slews of alternatives, such as carrying the ring in a gorgeous box or secured to something that mimics the overall theme of the day (in a seashell for a beach wedding or on a piece of wood or bed of moss for a nature-lover’s ceremony).

Ring bearer bowls in white clay are clean, chic and so classy. They can be stamped with any words or phrases you like, and you can keep it afterward on the side of a sink to safely hold your wedding rings. We love the wide range of choices from Paloma’s Nest.

For the pair…

If your flowergirl and ringbearer are younger, have them go down the aisle together (they might be a bit more cooperative if they follow the adage “safety in numbers”). They could share carrying a sign or fly flags with cute sayings (“Here comes the bride” or “This is your last chance to run,” as seen here from Beaucoup).

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